• Image of Harry Potter character inspired felt faces incl Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco

These super cute felt faces are inspired by some of the most famous faces from the Harry Potter films!

There is Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy and two versions of Hermione Granger. Harry, Ron and Hermione are all wearing Gryffindor scarves while Draco proudly wears his Slytherin one.

We have given Hermione two skin tones as we loved the casting on the new stage play 'Harry Potter & the Cursed Child'.

Each face comes with a brooch pin and a hair clip attached to the back so it can be worn as either a hair clip or brooch.

Please note: These items are all handmade and so there may be some variances in the finished product compared tp the photos in this listing.

These items have been handmade with love and care by Ruby Kawaii.